Thursday, February 25, 2016

Mercy, Compassion and Discipline

Reflection by Fr. Zevi for the weekend of February 28, 2016

All three of coming Sunday's  readings speak of God’s mercy and compassion in disciplining His children by occasional punishment and giving them a second chance in spite of their repeated sins.  Although God’s love for us is constant and consistent, He will not save us without our co-operation.  That is why He invites us during Lent to repent of our sins and to renew our lives by producing fruits of love, compassion, forgiveness, and faithful service.

Friday, February 19, 2016


The Transfiguration is one of my favorite scenes of the Gospel.  Jesus takes Peter, James, and John and reveals to them His glory that He had before the world began.  In this transfigured state, the lines of life and death are lowered and the disciples see Jesus talking with Moses and Elijah who are alive in the Lord.  I wonder, is Jesus giving this tremendous gift to His disciples only to dispel any fear they may have in the upcoming Passion of the Lord?  Can it be, since it is recorded in the Scriptures for us to read, that Jesus is trying to help dispel any fear that we might have of death?  Moses and Elijah died centuries before Christ was even born, yet in Jesus they are alive and well, discussing with Jesus the events that lay before Him.  I pray that this great gift given to us will help dispel our fear of living for the Lord fully, offering our lives in His service.  I also think it is there to give us hope for what is to come for us after our lives are finished.  Let’s ask the Lord that His Transfiguration brings us faith and hope to live for Him always.

Fr. Hersey

Friday, February 12, 2016

Trust in the Lord

In this Sunday’s Gospel Jesus faces His adversary.  In the temptations that the devil

presents to Jesus, he tries to break the trust that Jesus has in His Father.  In the temptation to

change stones into bread, He is tempted to trust in Himself to provide food for Himself.  In the

devil’s attempt to get Jesus to bow down before him, he promises the glory and authority over

all civilizations, and to derive affirmation from them.  In the devil’s challenge to rely on the

angels’s hands to lift Him up, He gives the ultimate refusal to trust anyone except His Heavenly


We too can be tempted to put our trust in a lot of things besides the Lord.  Our society

and culture encourages us to trust ourselves, others, and institutions over and above our God.

Jesus demonstrates the fortitude and courage to place His trust in His Father.  It is a leap of

faith to trust our Father above all things.  Certainly, we have to enter into human relationships

with trust, but at the core, the foundation of our trust must be in the Lord.  One day, when we

face the experience of death, all the things of this world will pass away, and the only thing

necessary will be our love, and our trust, that the Lord will make us new in the Kingdom of God.

During this Lenten season, ask the Lord that our trust in Him may deepen, and become the

foundation for our spiritual lives.  Let us also be an example for those around us, so when the

world lets us down, the Lord will continue to lift us up.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Featured Ministry of the Month - February

The altar at Perpetual Help decorated for the Christmas Season
Each month, this blog will feature a ministry that you can be involved with and support.  Our hope is as you check the blog you will see a ministry that speaks to you, and that you are passionate about supporting.  This month we are featuring the OLPH Altar Society.

This altar society at Perpetual Help does many things people don’t even know about.  The obvious things like caring for the altar and the altar linens are just the tip of  the iceberg for this group.  The provide the altar flowers and decorate for the seasons, make sure everything needed for mass (candles, hosts, wine, etc.) is all ready and well stocked, and tend to the needs of the church.

They also conduct several fundraisers to purchase the supplies for the Church.  These fundraisers, in case you have never attended one, are the flea market at Sausage Fest, two breakfasts and bake sales, and a spring tea.  

Everyone in the parish is welcome to join.  Meetings are held the first Sunday of the month at 9:45 AM in the St. Vincent de Paul food bank from September thru May.  Contact information is available on the parish website.